Friday, September 12, 2008


Well last week Chloe started complaining that she couldn't see the board. I wasn't sure if I believed her because her teacher had just moved another student who couldn't see closer to the front. And knowing how Chloe likes attention I was thinking that she was just seeking more. I didn't want to ignore the vision issue though so I had the school nurse check her vision and sure enough she failed the exam. So Steve took her to the eye doctor this week and he said, yes she needs glasses! So today Chloe and I went and picked out a cute pair of frames. They should be in next week and she will have to wear them all the time. Her prescription isn't that bad but she also has astigmatism. Here is a pic of the frames she picked out. Kinda hard to see, but they are actually pink. very fitting for my princess!!

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