Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday 9/27

So today I had a nurse come out and show me how to give myself shots! Here is a picture from the first one.....

I have been looking online and I read that the longer the shot is out of the fridge before injecting, the less it will welt and sting! So I already took out my shot for tomorrow!

After the nurse left Chloe and I went to the animal shelter again! There were sooooo many black cats!!

These cats were all sitting on my lap! The one on the left has weird looking eyes. It has cross eyes!! The girl that works there said that she was born without eyelids. =(

Here is a picture of me with the 3 cats! There is another one on the ground that wanted to jump up too!!!This one on my shoulder is Dixie. She kept climbing up me if I put her down. She was VERY friendly!!! Hopefully she will go to a wonderful home!!Here is Chloe holding Eve on her lap! She liked her!

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