Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday news.......

This weekend was a 3 day weekend! Yay!!! Saturday was a day full of laundry and picking up the house. Not much fun! We also had some errands to run since I had finally gotten my gift card from the school district! I also had a horrible sinus infection so I bought some all natural vitamins and nose stuff recommended by my sister Krista. It seems to be working!

Sunday was more cleaning and more laundry! But at least Najie came over and did a lot of the heavy cleaning for me. Then Sunday night we went to Aunt Lina and Uncle Monty's house for dinner. Chloe had a lot of fun swimming and playing with her cousins. Steve and I also had fun hanging out with everyone.

Monday I surprised Chloe by taking her to the animal shelter to play with the cats. She was so excited because she is always asking to go there. And of course she wanted to take some of the kittens home. We are trying to talk Steve into fostering some kittens until they are old enough to be fixed and adopted, but of course he said no! Maybe we will just do it anyway! ha ha ha

Chloe and I are going to start volunteering at the animal shelter a couple of days a month. She really likes it there! It is a nice shelter because the cats all roam around the rooms freely, no cages. They have separate rooms for kittens, shy cats, aggressive cats, and declawed cats. Chloe is not allowed in the aggressive room, but that is OK! I dont want her being attacked!

Here are some pictures from this weekend at the shelter!

This was Chloe's favorite kitten, O'Keefe. Everytime Chloe would put him down he would follow her around the room until she picked him up again! Some people came to adopt him while we were there and Chloe was like, but I like him!
These are the 2 kittens that Chloe wants to foster until they are old enough to be adopted. They were so cute! They kept talking and wanted attention, but there were signs saying not to touch them!
here is a newborn kitten that made a funny meowing noise because it was so tiny!
Here is the mama cat nursing her newborns!
This poor cat only had one eye! So sad! I wanted to take him home, he was the sweetest cat ever!

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